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Default CCR Royal Albert Hall Remaster

Just pre-ordered (what's a pre-order?......... if you order isn't it simply an order?) the CCR at Royal Albert Hall remaster. Is available in most formats, including downloads & cassette tape(weird - surprised it is worth their effort).

Here's the marketing spiel:
Clearaudio SM Pro Denon DP-80 w/AT33R, Benz Glider, Ortofon Cdza Blk & K-b Dual 701 w/AT-VM740ML, AT-MONO3/LP & Ortofon OM30 Grado GW100V2 Jelco HS-25 Nordost Valhalla Oppo 203 Orsonic AV-1b Pass Labs INT-25 QHW The Vinyl Shanling M3s Shure M97xE Sony ST-J75, ST-A6B & TA-F6B Stax UA-7/CF Stillpoints LP1v2 Triangle Magellan Duetto WW Pt, Au & Ag Eclipse 8/7 Yamamoto HS-2 & 4 Yamaha T-2
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