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- Michael

Amp: MC1.2KW x 2, MC602, MC2300
Preamp: C52, MX136, C34V
Digital Source: Oppo BDP 105, Pioneer 47Ai, CAL MkII
Analog Source: MT10, Technics RS 1700
Speakers: VMPS Super Tower lll
Subwoofer: JL Audio F113
Power Cables: Wireworld Platinum Electra 7
Speaker Cables: Straightwire Serenade ll
Signal Cables: Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7
Power Isolation: RGP 1200C
Rack: Adona Eris 9TW modified to Eris 12TW

Amp: Yamaha RX Z9
Digital Source: Pioneer BDP 94HD, Oppo UDP-205
Front Speakers: Monitor Audio
Center Speaker: B&W CC6
Rear Speakers: B&W DM 602
Surround Speakers: B&W DM 602
Subwoofer: Velodyne SPL 12BV
Television: Samsung 75 inch 4K Q90R
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