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Originally Posted by mulveling View Post
Even having just a brief time with an ET2 arm, think I know what you mean by the "captivating" sound of a linear tracker. You might as well go ahead and try either your Dynavector or Benz Ruby on it. This will tell you a lot about whether all the typical 15-16 compliance MC cartridges stand a good chance on it. The Koetsu was kinda doomed to have issues on this arm.

As far as new cartridges to try, I'd look at the Ortofon Verismo. I like the A90 a lot, and this looks like a supercharged version of A90/A95 with diamond cantilever.
I just installed a Charisma V2, tracks with no problem, very easy to set up, especially compared to the Benz and the Koetsu which just wasn't a good match. no matter how good it sounds when playing well. The Charisma isn't close, but it needs time to run in. Sounds great but you miss that huuuge SS. I think I miss the SUT, the MC16 does something special.I'm gonna have Michael Trei back to put the Koetsu on the 12 and tweak my Charisma set up. I'm sure that will reap rewards.
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