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Originally Posted by mrenardsmith View Post
Why would it be moot? There are a number of us with the TV3/TQR combo and a number of folks that may be looking at acquiring in the used market. Of course we could all try the Everest and see for ourselves, but I thought one of the uses of forums like this is to hear perspectives from others based on their experiences. I still haven’t heard a real response and none of the reviews published make a direct comparison to the TV3/TQR. That combo was over twice the cost of the Everest and just a few years ago hailed as the greatest. Has anyone had both in their system and care to provide commentary?
+1 on this, the point is far from moot.

I have the TV3/TQR combo in my system for a long time and it is the best I have heard having gome thru a long list of great conditioners back to the the late 90s amd heavy forward from early 2000s when the market exploded.

All the reviews pretty much seem to focus on Everest with an Omega XC cable but no direct comparisons.

I've not had the good fortune to have both setups here,..maybe someday to do a full on compare.
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