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A few reasons why that “toe-in” is deliberate: room acoustics; stereo width & imaging; listening position. I’ve an update but more on that in a moment. I believe your comment meant to help, however it is at odds with Magnepan’s manual.

During initial placement Magnepan advises:
- tweeter should not be closer than bass panel to listening position
- (think distance, not angles)
- resist urge to have panels parallel to front wall. makes no difference if tweeters are inside or out but angle the speakers in both scenarios and show illustrations.

Regarding my previous photo, I removed chair before taking the shot. Was sitting in-session closer than normal - not in traditional “near-field” (equal triangle) but really close with the bass panel being 1” closer than the tweeter.

Lastly, the update! I had an absolute ball mapping the room for the little ones. Once I conceded not leaving speakers permanently in middle of the room it was all moot. Due to cleaning & mopping, arts & crafts, maintaining my road bike & longboards in the living room means I move the maggies everyday. Sometimes throughout the day for expanded floor space. So now a few nights a week I simply put them in the middle of the room and toss ‘em aside in the morning. Current placement:

59” from front wall
46” (center) from side walls
66-72” appx chair-to-speakers

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