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Originally Posted by rnrmf1971 View Post
It's the best CD player I've owned for compact discs. It doesn't have the smoothed over detail of DSD conversion that my Lumin streamer has or Esoteric K-01X had. I haven't used the usb input but the coaxial and optical inputs are on par with disc playback and I read at least one review (either of a streamer or perhaps an SA-10 review) that utilized the usb input that described playback as without faults.

It's essential to try the filters/noise shaping/dither settings once you get time on the player. I have my favorites and you might find settings that better suit your taste instead of the default options.
That's great! Thanks. I am seriously considering it for a future system, but I think room treatments are a priority. And do you find that you use the disc tray much, given that you can digitise all your collection and just use your streamer? This is the one thing that I'm in two minds about i.e. paying for functionality I will rarely use. Although, I must say having the option to just pop in a cd/sacd is quite convenient sometimes.
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