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Originally Posted by anoutsos View Post
Can someone comment on the differences, if any, between SA-10ís reproduction via the disc player and the asynchronous USB connected to a computer? I hear very nice things about the player and I would like to have a SA-10/PM-10 pair one day, but Iím worried that without an extensive SACD collection I would be using the less optimised part of a very expensive component. Also, does the SA-10 support playback of SACD images burnt on DVD-R? Thanks.
It's the best CD player I've owned for compact discs. It doesn't have the smoothed over detail of DSD conversion that my Lumin streamer has or Esoteric K-01X had. I haven't used the usb input but the coaxial and optical inputs are on par with disc playback and I read at least one review (either of a streamer or perhaps an SA-10 review) that utilized the usb input that described playback as without faults.

It's essential to try the filters/noise shaping/dither settings once you get time on the player. I have my favorites and you might find settings that better suit your taste instead of the default options.

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