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Originally Posted by JoeN View Post
I agree Class A is the absolute best. Unfortunately since I live in FL, I'm sticking with Class A/B - less heat. The 260s and 600s get warm, but not hot.

The Boulder 2150 monos (awesome amps) don't get that hot, but at nearly three feet in depth alone I'd have to take over my wife's dining room. Something just tells me that isn't going to happen.
JoeN, I hear you. One of the reasons I'll probably stick with my 1.25's is they sound fantastic and, while large, they fit easily into the available space. I'm pretty good at arranging gear but I'm stumped at fitting the three piece Mac amps into my available space. It just doesn't feel right. As you know, when you have been doing this for as long as we have you know when it feels right. My current arrangement looks good and sounds great. I have totally adequate power to drive the speaker effortlessly. Yes, I would get a sonic improvement but at too high a price both financially and in the physical rearrangement to my room.

You apparently are in the same dilemma. Put simply, in this life it helps greatly to know when to quit.



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