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I agree Class A is the absolute best. Unfortunately since I live in FL, I'm sticking with Class A/B - less heat. The 260s and 600s get warm, but not hot.

The Boulder 2150 monos (awesome amps) don't get that hot, but at nearly three feet in depth alone I'd have to take over my wife's dining room. Something just tells me that isn't going to happen.

Originally Posted by Charles View Post
My opinion is that class A is the superior of all amplification. 100 watts is the same amount a Relentless supplies. I spoke to Mac about this to see if the MC2KW provided any class A. It does not. Mac's feeling is that the Thermal TraK which is a self biasing transistor is the equivalent of class A, which I do not believe.

I you ask Mac they will tell you there is no difference between Thermal Trak and the older transistor which required an external circuit to remove crossover distortion. But if you ask Mac there's no difference in sound between any of their gear. That's always been Mac's position for as long as I can remember.

I think the new transistor sounds sweeter. However, since the larger amp offers no class A, its advantage is the overbuilt power supply and more power less stress.

With your arrangement you get more class A, the equivalent of a Relntless if you went with the larger amp, a definite reason to move up.

I do think a MC2.1KW will sound significantly better than a 1.25 on my XVX.


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