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Originally Posted by JoeN View Post
I have three dedicated lines (same phase). Each of my mono Pass Labs amps are plugged directly into the wall (w/ Shunyata power cords). Everything else is plugged into my Shunyata PC which is plugged into the last dedicated line. Works well.
JoeN, I think your arrangement represents a well thought out position on power conditioners. Eventually Mac is going to update the MC2KW. I have thought extensively about buying a trio of them when they come out. However, the main feature of these amps is their overbuilt power supplies (two huge supplies per amp). I own three 1.25 KW's that are plugged into to three Niagara 5000's each with a dedicated 20 amp line.

If I bought the larger amps I don't think I'd use my 5000's and I think each amp needs two outlets. For this reason I'm going to pass on the Mac super amps. I think the stiffer the amp's power supply, the less it needs a power conditioner. All that is needed is a superb power cord. The new Shunyata cord with its built in passive conditioner would be my choice.

One thing often overlooked is the real protection a power conditioner provides against power surges. When I have a power outage the music simply stops. No loud noises at all. The system simply shuts down quietly the generator comes on smoothly and the music returns. A good power conditioner acts as a firewall and provides peace of mind. I have been extremely pleased with the manner in which my AQ Niagara's operate in the event of a power outage to protect my system.

If I do bite for the new super amps I will probably retain my 1.2KW for the sub and go with the 2.1KW's for the mains. I would probably continue to use my 5000's which would allow me not to install extra lines.



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