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Greetings Formerly YB-2!

Cable lifters:
Since reading Roger Skoff’s article on posi+ive feedback 5 October, thought I’d try it out. To experiment will cost nuthin’ but time -’s what we do! The cardboard cat food boxes are way too large for me - I’m concerned with the speaker’s back wave. They’re temporary and made no comparisons. I revamped the entire rack and while I was at it, in they went. I’ll be making my own trellis system when I find some interesting objects to repurpose.

I split my amp duties between:
Shindo Laboratory Aurieges Line Preamp
Shindo F2a Sinhonia monaural amps 40 wpc - 16 ohms
Anticable Zero-impedance boxes @ 4x multiplier to feed tube amps 16 ohms


Sansui G-22000 Stereo Receiver 265 wpc

You can view system pix under Show us your Shindo thread.
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