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Default LRS update: “Crazy Eights”

“Crazy Eights”

My speaker placement just went FINAL. I purchased the LRS early March of this year. After unpacking I immediately set them up on dollies. The next eight months would see them constantly rolling around the room getting mapped.

Getting to know the room I used eight basic configurations - each wall and each diamond layout from each corner got their moment...”Show me what you got!” Movements easily from eight inches to more difficult an eighth at a time increments. Mapping the LRS & listening chair under eight different plans took far longer than I thought. First of November two things became clear:

1. The top two layouts for acoustics were not in my best interest of listening and safety - “Trip hazards.”

2. I am happily left with best placement by default.

Admittedly, it is the third best config ranked acoustically. But being able to relax, feel secure and be at my best to receive the best, this config will prove more satisfying over the top two.

Horizontally, my room is almost a square trap:

169” - front/rear walls
164” - side walls
98”; 95” - sloped ceiling

LRS - tweeters outside:
48” - from front wall (top center)
29” - from side wall (outside edge)
99” - between speakers (top center)
72” - from listening chair (to either speaker)
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