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Originally Posted by two dot View Post

I have heard and have loved them. Lusted actually. They have an excellent dealer here in So Cal named Brooks Berdan. One of, if not THE best, analog dealers in this area. They are a top line Jadis dealer and I have heard those amps driving the Wilson Alexandras and it was nothing short of magnificent.

Also heard them on Quads, a much smaller amp, the KT-88 integrated I think, and it was also seriously delicious,

These amps have that beautiful tube midrange and ss like bass punch.

Great stuff.
Interesting stuff. How would you compare the sonic signature of the Jadis with Audio Note??

I just spent two hours listening to them again and the sound got better and better. The old Jadis sound which could be described as 'thick' has developed into a quicker paced and more detailed sound but with tube warmth retained.

The JPS2 preamp has a tube specifically for the cd input. The sound through this input is quite different from the other line inputs bringing even more tube intoxication. It's a nice touch to have so you can pick and choose the sonic signature to suit your CDP.
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