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Originally Posted by audibleguy View Post
An audiophile buddy of mine just purchased the Pathos Classic MK. III and was driving a pair of Spatial Audio Triode Master Speakers and now has a pair of Wharfedale Linton speakers and he loves it, said the overall presentation, dynamics and top to bottom sound is superb and is not looking to upgrade any time soon. He has a smallish 11' x 12' room.
That's VERY helpful, audibleguy. After having my Unico die (as unfixable), I'm a bit gun shy about buying a used amp. I have bought used before (from an audio dealer), but a bit guy shy now. And a new Classic One would be about the top of my budget.

In any event, the Pathos Classic Remix retails for $300 more than the Classic One, and is based on the Classic One, but with some supposed improvements. It uses more, smaller capacitors rather than the just the two large ones, yet the total capacitance is the same. And it uses LM3886 bipolar transistors rather than MOSFETs. (Pathos told me "There are 2 transistors in each side in bridged configuration, so a total of 4 amplifiers inside the unit.").

Pathos also told me "The operating point of the tubes was improved and more linear; tubes circuit gain was increased so the sound is more 'tube'-like. . They also state that they add use more voltage gain in the preamp stage than the Classic One.

The Remix additionally adds a headphone amplifier as well as options for digital inputs, the latter only usable if an inboard DAC board is purchased (adding $600 to the price). I won't likely use the latter, but it might be worth the extra $300 for the slight improvement in sound and the headphone amp. (I already have a Schitt Mani headphone amp I bought used, which I could sell).

The issue with Pathos is getting in to try. Free shipping initially, and a 60 day trial from Upscale Audio, but I'd be responsible for shipping BOTH ways if I were to return it. It'd be fantastic to have a local dealer where I could try both the Classic One and the Remix, and also not have to risk the cost of shipping. But no dealer close to me.

I'm taking home a McIntosh MA252 to try this weekend. The demo would cost me ~$3000 if I were to keep it (with a 2 year warranty remaining on it).
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