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Originally Posted by jimiles View Post
Fantastic thread. Im a prospective QKore customer who also has a PS Audio P10. I see that you grounded it through the Ethernet port. Ingenious! I have read about other folks using a spade to ground to a bolt on the bottom chassis. Is there a crowd consensus on what the best grounding point is on the P10? At $350/cable, Id prefer to minimize the need for experimentation.
I've had a QKore for a couple of years, and it's shockingly good, as others have posted. Your dealer can call Nordost and they will recommend exactly which port to plug into for each of your components. I am almost certain that the recommended solution is never a bolt or grounding screw. (I asked specifically about the grounding screw on my Stax energizer).

Your dealer may also have a demo unit that he can loan you for a few days. If you do this, you will be hooked (and the $350/cable will no longer be a concern, haha). I recommend the QBase as well.
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