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We have an Afghan tribal rug which was woven by Afghan refugees in Pakistan in the 90s. It's Nipper approved (see picture). To the left of Nipper is the corner of a Moroccan rug in front of the turntable stand, which we bought in Fez a few years ago. Not sure what the knobbly things are in the foreground of the photo.

Sources: Vinyl: Clearaudio Innovation Wood turntable with 9" Universal tonearm, Da Vinci V2 cartridge, Stillpoints SS & Stillpoints clamp, McIntosh MVP 901, Apple Mac mini via Benchmark DAC 1, Aurender N100C via Schiit Yggdrasil
Control: McIntosh C1100, Mcintosh MX151
Power: Mcintosh MC2301s (front), McIntosh MC501 (center), Mcintosh MC402 (rear)
Speakers: Sonus Faber Amati Futura (front and back), SF Vox center
Power/connections: PS Audio Power Port receptacles, RGPC 400 pro (2) WireWorld interconnects and speaker cable
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