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Originally Posted by jdandy View Post
Serge.......Thank you, but my days of employment, marching to someone else's drum and all that entails are over. I appreciate the sentiment and encouragement, but I review audio gear and write my impressions strictly for entertainment. As it stands now I am satisfied to connect in a positive manner with those who read my reviews. I enjoy providing insight and entertainment to others. I do this at my leisure and in my own good time. Writing professionally means work, gear coming and going, unpacking, setup, packing, shipping, then writing to meet word count requirements and editor deadlines. To make it financially worthwhile I would have to review and write full time. I do not want to forfeit ownership of my time. Being retired and secure is a blessing I relish. I'm not keen on relinquishing that freedom.

The way I review audio equipment allows me to play with gear that interests me. I like being able to relay the facts as I see them, but it is equally important for me to provide insight, excitement and satisfaction with my words. I hope my excitement for the gear I review manages to be transposed to those who read my words. If that happens, that is my reward.
Well, as much as you enjoy writing and you obviously do, I thought it would be a fulfilling way to enjoy the gear and share your finding with the rest of the gang here on AA and perhaps capture an even bigger audience through youtube or a blog. I am sure if you reached out to some of the manufacturers and showed them your "portfolio" of reviews, they would be impressed. "The Retired Audiophile"? Does that have a nice ring to it for a youtube video channel or a blog?
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