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Originally Posted by ariess View Post
How does it compare with your K01X?
Adam.......I have not done a direct A/B comparison of the Yggdrasil DAC to the Esoteric K-01X DAC. I will eventually do that to satisfy my curiosity and will write a separate review detailing the results. What I can say is the Yggdrasil is ultra musical and pulls me into every listening session with ease. When I go to the studio and spend time with the Aurender N10 and the K-01X I am not sensing the K-01X is outperforming the Yggdrasil, nor when I come from the studio system to the living room system I am not sensing a loss of connection with the music. In fact, the Yggdrasil has a particular musical essence and completeness to the presentation that wants for nothing. It is truly hypnotic. I will get to a Yggdrasil/K-01X shootout in good time.

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