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Originally Posted by Acolcer View Post
I am happy to report that Joe (aka ngc4900) purchased my Sonus Faber Amati's. I am truly sad to see them go, but I got my CR-1's up and running four days ago. I have been letting them burn in continuously and they are sounding great. I am not as eloquent as Jim, but compared to the Amati's, I would say there is a marked improvement in bass and the highs. Pianos sound more natural, which is the hardest thing for speakers to create a lifelike reproduction. Whereas the Amati's required some careful positioning for their magic, the sweetspot for the TAD's is in three seats in my media room, not one. I have just scheduled Barry Ober, aka the Sound Doctor, to perform his magic in my media room. I think the added low end of the CR-1's will require some F113 sub tweaking. This will be done at the end of the month, so I am anticipating more good news then. I don't know how TAD pulled off such impressive sound in a footprint as small as the CR-1, but count me in as a happy customer. Thanks Ivan!



Great setup...the CR1s look right at home! Congratulations!
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