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Originally Posted by Levitator View Post
Thanks for sharing Joe, will be good to hear how it progresses - are you using the same external pre amp as when you ran the Westminster amps or are you using the Vitus?

This is an Int, so Iím having to use its preamp. No choice. Mine from EMM is a better Pre Amp. And it is the one Iíd be using initially if I purchase the better Vitus Mono amps. If I go Vitus than more than likely Iíll be looking at their entire line down the road Ö

Iím testing with both DACs: the EMM DA2 V2 and the one in Vitus. A friend told me the DAC in the Vitus sounds like the MSB Ref but is more musical. Though it wonít be as good as our EMM, Iím anxious to hear it. In our previous tests the EMM sounded better than the Select II. But it was very close - the EMM was just more musical Ö
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