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Originally Posted by Imapo View Post
Thanks for sharing your experiment. I heard similar results with Transparent power cords. I had a reference on my integrated amp and premium on my dac. I switched them for giggles and everything sounded just a smidge better. I am now saving my pennies to put a reference power cable on my integrated amp. �� Hmm, maybe I need to also try a reference power cord my word clock. ��
Will you be setting up a test? Reference cords aren't cheap. I have Premium cords on my gear, and Shunyata Venom V10 NRs on the power conditioners and am content. But then, I don't have your gear.

I have Close to the Edge on again in the background as I type, and noticed that the intro with the birds and such comes in louder more quickly, another difference. When I did the in-store audition between the Plus and Super ICs back in the fall, the main (only) difference I really heard was that the Super IC was a bit more dynamic, otherwise it was hard to tell any difference with the Plus. That was a different room and different equipment. And on this track I'll amend what I said in my previous post a bit: I'm not so sure that first low synth note is louder, it may be about the same. But the articulation and occasional background detail does show up

Perhaps I should put things back as they were and listen again before committing to any big expenditures. The only clear test is to have the Super on both pre/power and source connections. I'd expect that to improve things a bit further, but I won't know until I try it. Unfortunately, the store doesn't have a policy set up for in-home auditions (bummer).
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