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I'm glad you are happy with the table. Most of the reviews I've read have been positive.

I don't believe the Classic 2 had a subplatter, the platter rode on the main bearing assembly. You may want to check with VPI wrt lubing the HW40 bearing. The HW40 subplatter rests on a main bearing nearly identical to the Classic 2 and VPI recommends relubing their bearings annually to prevent premature wear.

I found the sound quality of the HW40 compared favorably to my current table using similar carts (Benz Micro Glider II & Sumiko Blackbird, both HOMC), except for the bass on the HW40 which I found to be quite a bit boomy, bottom heavy and poorly controlled. I noticed the tonearm bearings on the HW40 "chattered" meaning they were probably loose which may have accounted for the accentuated bass response.
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