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Congratulations on your new table. I had a chance audition one of the HW40s last year and I had an observation regarding the fit between the platter and subplatter. When I went to assemble former onto the latter, I expected it to take some finesse because I assumed it would be a tight fit; to my surprise, the platter slide onto the sub without any binding or sticking. Thinking it was a fluke, I removed it and tried again; it slid right on without issue leading me to believe it was not a tight fit. Pushing the platter to one side easily verified this as it clearly slid in one direction before contacting the subplatter. I measured ~6-7 mils of eccentricity when the platter was pushed to one side in this way. Have you noticed this on your table?

Also, have you had to re-lube the main bearing on the platter? I found that the table had to be completely disassembled to gain access to the bearing, including dealing with a rather fragile ribbon cable that connects the feedback mechanism from the electronics.
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