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Originally Posted by Zelkop View Post
i currently have one driving two Mc 601 amps, it worked for me somehow better than Mc 2600 preamp and few other options including BAT's own tube preamp vk32. But that's me, I simply like BAT's solid state sound and before this preamp I also owned vk40se and vk42se I found vk43se similar in sound to 42se but with slightly more solid and fuller presentation and a touch more clarity, otherwise similarly warm(ish). The older model vk40se was noticeably more blured and resulting sound was less dynamic but it was still listenable. In my system, balanced cables worked much better than single ended. if you are after very analytical and 'metalic' sound signature, this is not it. Hope this helps a little.
BAT SS pre-amps are outstanding! 20 series is surprisingly good for the $$ and the 43SE is tough to beat. Victor does SS as well or better than he does tubes! IMHO
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