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I think this is tied for my favorite salsa! !!


2 medium-large tomatoes
2 Carolina Reaper Peppers
2 large cloves garlic
1 thick slice of onion about 3/8" thick
- teaspoon salt

came out perfect!

Makes about 5-6oz after dumping it out from the blender

About 2 teaspoons worth. Man, it's great! Nice hotness without the fruity/sweetness that I disliked from habaneros.

I can see how it would burn your skull from the inside out if you eat this raw, but done sensibly, man it's awesome! I'll finish this by myself by Tuesday morning with my breakfast. No kidding. That's how it is around here. Next batch I'm using 4 instead of 2 reaper peppers. Just for the "wow" factor. 2 is perfect for it to remain edible.

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