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Lol. I think anyone can build up a tolerance if they are used to it. Here on the Texas-Mexico border, chiles and peppers are a way of life since young age when we are exposed to "carne asadas" and find ourselves surrounded with salsas and "pico de gallo". Not the silly stuff sold at stores, but with fresh chiles freshly cut. I've found myself to be building a tolerance, but not stupidity like those two girls. I don't eat chiles/peppers by themselves to try to get YouTube hits. I eat them with other foods for added flavor and of course spicyness/hotness. I bet those two girls have never even eaten a real jalapeņo before. There is definitely a difference between what you find depending on the region of the country you are in. I've eaten "jalapeņos" that that tasted like water. Then the ones you find here some will make you shed tears and open up your sinuses real quick. I would say I started to eat real salsas/chiles with roughly 60-70% of my meals once I had to cook for myself. My favorites are "green" peppers like serranos and jalapeņos vs "red" ones. But I saw these at the grocery store, so I said, what the heck?

They've been in the pot of water for about 15min, in a slight boil, and the vapors aren't that bad, oddly enough. I find habanero vapors to be much much worse on the nostrils/throat.

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