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Default CR-1s - Four Days Away . . .

OK, the CR-1s arrive in four days if all goes well. I know we've all seen these threads before, but I can barely contain my excitement. Sold the BW 802Ds at asking price and the buyer (who drove overnight with some buddies) picked them up today. That leaves this void on either side of the system, just waiting to be filled with a little package of dynamite. I don't think the new speaker cables will be here then, but we'll still be able to get tunes out of them.

Questions include how the bass will do in my room, distance from the side and rear wall (where I'm somewhat limited) and seating distance. I think I'll be able to miss a bit on each of those variables and still get some great sound out of them.

I reserve the right to come back here and ask questions, and promise a full report when the time is right.

Thanks in advance.
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