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Thanks for your feedback. My main speakers is a pair of Revel Studio 2 which I consider as a relatively neutral sounding speakers with a good soundstage and excellent tweeters SQ, I am quite happy with vocals reproduction of my gears.
But the bass response in my room is less than perfect, based on my measurement using REW there are some frequency dips around 50-100Hz and I can say it's slightly bass shy in my room. I think a good solid state amp will give a tighter and more extended bass. This is the main reason I consider Boulder 866 at the same time I want to reduce the box count/cabling in my audio cabinet. I need some space for my music Roon/HQplayer PC.

I have no idea should I choose Boulder 866 analog or digital version (with DAC), I haven't find any info about the comparison of Boulder 866 internal DAC vs T+A DAC 8 DSD.
I also need to find out whether the 866 analog version has usb port for 3rd party USB remote /dongle.
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