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Originally Posted by New guy View Post
Excellent setup. I always wanted to try a Krell preamp. I have owned several Krell amps but never a preamp. I would be interest in your impression of XLR vs. Cast.

Have this weekend, together with a friend, compared Nordost Valhalla XLR and Nordost CAST MMF in my system. MSB, Krell evo 202, Krell evo 402, Sonus Faber Amati Futura.

CAST i smaller, thinner and cheaper. It runs the signal from pre amp to amp. If you have got a cd from Krell (Cipher) you can use it from the cd to the pre amp as well.

In the beginning it was not easy to detect big differences. After a while more and more things were clear.
CAST have bigger dynamics especially the microdynamics and also more detailed. Especially a cymbal in Rosalia de Souca - d'improvviso track 8 on CD. After 1 minute a cymbal starts in the right channel in a quite high tempo. With CAST we could hear the strokes by the wooden stick and hear the sound from the hit reduces during the short period of time and changes until it was hit again. All this very clear. But with Valhalla XLR we could not hear the hit and the changes i sound during the time between the hits. Then this was detected we heard many more positive things with the CAST MMF cable.

My conclusion is that if it is possible to use the CAST. Do so. It is probably the best.


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