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Default Transparent Audio Cable

Call me crazy, but with all the recent posts being made about Transparent, I thought it just made sense that Transparent should have it's own thread. At least now all the information being dispensed would be centralized and easy to find.

Fellow AA comrades,

I ordered a set of Transparent Reference Balanced IC MM1s about a week ago, which came in two nights ago, courtesy of Larry Marcus of Paragon Sight & Sound. He also included set of Transparent Audio Music Wave Ultra spkr cable to demo along with the Reference ICs. In a word, wow! Didn't realize how much information I was missing out on. What good is reference quality gear if you never get to hear what it can do? I am a believer. These cables have literally transformed my system. It is so much more revealing, and resolving. The details are there where they weren't before. I had Analysis Plus Silver Ovals all around, which have served me well. But now, I'm effectively immersed in sound to a degree that I've never experienced before. I really can't believe it. It's revelatory. I'm being exposed to a complete experience; not just angelic highs, or seductive mids, or furniture moving bass. All of it is present in its proper relationships to the others. It's like being wrapped up in a warm blanket with just a slight chill in the air. It's emotional. The emotional connection - - that I'd been hunting for throughout my audio journey has finally been realized . I just can't stop listening. There's no going back now.

For a very long time, I'd been avoiding Transparent for a myriad of the popular reasons. But I can say that one of the major reasons for this new consideration was a candid conversation that I had with Peter McGrath, while he was here in NY. He simply said, give them a try. And boy, was he spot on. Thanks Peter.

I'm lookin' to up the ante by finding a set of Transparent Audio Reference MM1 spkr cables, and then upgrade them all to MM2 first chance I get. Toga is also encouraging me to replace all my current power cords with Transparent power cords. I can't wait to have the full suite of Transparent Audio cables.

Has anyone else had similar experiences with Transparent?

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