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Originally Posted by Forte 4A View Post
Michael Kelly was at Audio/Video Therapy Thursday night to demo his new on wall 7T LCR's and the 5T speaker. He also told the audience that the new 12T will be out by the end of the year price will be around $20,000. The bass will response will go down to 25hz and will have an upgraded soft dome tweeter. The speaker will be fairly efficient at 90db. There will also a 25T at around $35,000. He said they are developing a concrete head for the speaker. And they are developing a new state of the art Beryllium tweeter. Bass will go down to a very tight 20hz. Again it will be rated at 90db. These speakers will weigh in at around 300lbs. Also, he was not specific, he is planning on a Special Edition 7T. It was a fun evening w/other interesting demos by Jadis, Spendor and Linn to name a few.
Who knew? We were both the same room! Too bad I didn't know as we could have introduced ourselves!
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