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This JBL thread motivated me to get out my bottle of Howard Feed N Wax, and wipe down my JBL 4312A speakers last night. Mine have the walnut veneer, in excellent condition, but were really looking dry. After about 30 minutes on each speaker, rubbing Howard Feed N Wax into the walnut and letting it soak in, then buffing the speakers with a soft clean cloth, the 4312A's look brand new. Of course I couldn't have the JBL's looking so good without turning on the MA5100 and playing some CD's. Man, oh man the JBL 4312A's sound great. No wonder JBL sold so many, and they were used professionally by so many studios. These JBL's can rock. I am glad I have kept them all these years.

If you haven't tried Howard Feed N Wax, you owe it to yourself to buy a bottle of this stuff. It is excellent. Home Depot sells it, and so does Amazon. It will totally restore oiled veneers like brand new. My JBL 4312A's are looking beautiful.


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