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Originally Posted by SCAudiophile View Post
I love pipe organ too (as you know from hanging out here and listening) I apprenticed to a French builder doing work in the US in high school, it was fascinating and I would have loved to do it professionally...

Great photos and very interesting instrument! So, that's a hybrid? Traditional pipes for the smaller ranks and then electro-synth for the Pedal Division only or for any pipe over an 8' stop?
Most churches have room for 16' long pipes giving you 32hz. So most all combination (pipe/digital) organs use subs for the 32 ft stops/pedal ranks. Only 2 organs I was involved with had 64 ft pedal division stops. The subs those organs had were made by a company that supplied the digital sounds and their 32 cu. ft. boxes (size of a fridge) fell flat on their faces at 15hz so they were worthless.
No audiophile can ever really ignore the importance of bass.

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