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A quick update, since there appears to be some interest. I did buy the Alpha Ethernet. Honestly, the difference from my Chord/EE switch to my streamer is small - mainly the impact appears to be a small improvement in "space". It's not a tonal difference but I like the result enough to make the investment.

Regarding the SPDIF cable - the Alpha is the impressive improvement. I have found myself going back to albums I have loved but not able to enjoy for a while - it's like there's a little mid range glare/sheen which is gone and overall sense of timing is better. An example is Nora Jones "Come Away With Me" - I have always loved that album but with my Sopra 2's and my room acoustics, it was hard to listen to until now - the upper mids (4khz range) was just a little too tilted forward and it put me on edge. Not anymore. Same with the Diana Krall (not really my thng but is good test material). Similarly, I'm finding better enjoyment with albums like Metallica's "Any Justice for All" - even though that recording tends to be best with less refined speakers. It's just better across the board with the Shunyata than with a Kimber AGDL, DH Labs or Wireworld digital coax (in my system).

I'm not keeping the Alpha. The loaner is 2.0m and I wanted 1.5. I decided to order the Sigma V2 instead. Likely I won't be able to provide a back-to-back Alpha/Sigma impression because I will return the Alpha when the Sigma arrives. Regardless, I will give a final impression once I have it in.

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