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Originally Posted by PHC1 View Post
Bob Crites completely tuned the Klipschorn by Klipsch using different cabinets,
Are you saying he's "using a different cabinet" as you state??

Not to correct you but... that is a Klipschorn built (and therefore tuned) by Klipsch and not Bob Crites (whom I've met and have great respect for)

He offers for example, an "exactly the same as factory" replacement woofer that has his name on it and he also offers the same (replacement) woofer with a cast frame (instead of the stamped steel frame). Both should give the same sonic performance as the stock Klipsch K33 however, for those who like to think they're making improvements by using a cast frame, you have a choice. (though it doesn't fit all of their speakers without cutting some wood on some of them.... I think the LaScala is guilty of that but not sure)

He is a class act and individual.
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