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Default The "old" KAV-300i -- Reprise

I bought a pair of the Magnepan LRS on a lark. I had read a number of glowing reviews and then I read the AudioScienceReview test results panning them. Who's right? Everyone can come to his own opinion on the worthiness of the speaker, but in my case, I chose to break my pair in with one of my "old" KAV-300i integrated amps. Let's just say I still love the KAV-300i. I've never understood exactly what the Krell topology is (Class A until....), but it has some muscle and an edge that I like. So, for the last couple of weeks, my McIntosh and B&W gear is resting quietly watching the Krell and Maggies take over my listening room. Renewed respect for Mr. Dan D'Agostino and his contributions to modern sound.
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