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Default What jazz music are you listening to?

Bart, the eternal debate [emoji16]
Until recently the streaming was winning hands down, but Iíve always felt that there was no reason that my reasonably decent turntable, arm and cartridge should not be able to perform at least at par. With my recent change of preamp to the EAR Yoshino 912 it has taken the rig to another level thanks to its superb phono section. I can now say that vinyl is at par with streaming. But there are some upgrades coming up shortly on the analog rig that should likely take it above streaming, will be reporting in the coming weeks. And quite surprisingly the cassette playing via the Nakamichi Dragon is very close to the CD version (although my current SACD/CD Yamaha player is certainly not the most resolving). I will also tape to RTR, the last time I did this exercice it won hands down, thanks to a very pleasant sound distortion [emoji23]
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