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Default Mono Carts, Anyone?

To dip my toe into the waters of mono-cartridges I recently purchased an AT-MONO3/LP, which is an inexpensive mono MC cartridge. Have to admit.......... mono carts for mono LPs is "where its at". On the several mono LPs where I've played the AT and any of my stereo carts, the mono cart is the clear winner.

Now that I'm good with a mono cart, I want to move up to something better. AT offers the AT33-MONO, a significant upgrade from the -MONO3/LP, Ortofon offers a number of models, as does Grado. Lyra, Miyajima, Hana and other well-known names offer mono carts from mild-to-wild in cost (and, will assume, performance). Looking for feedback from anyone who is using/has used a mono cartridge and what your experience might be. I'm self-limiting to Ortofon Cadenza Mono at about $1250 MSRP as the most I would spend.

Thanks for any feedback.
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