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We FINALLY finished up the third and final episode on Christmas eve.......what a great documentary. I know it could get a bit tedious if you're not a big Beatles fan, but seeing those guys in the final days of the band is a piece of music history that may never be accomplished again. Of course the last 45 minutes documents the live performance on the rooftop. What an incredible job of editing and piecing together footage by Peter Jackson.

Getting the general public's opinion on street level while they're playing up above is priceless, I've watched it twice already. Then the cops show up for the "disturbing the peace" complaints....I mean, just incredible. It's amazing to think how I bet NONE of those people could probably ever imagine that we would be watching their footage over 50! years later on Thanksgiving/Christmas evening. One of my favorite parts was an elderly lady complaining that she was woken up from her nap by the loud music....what a moment in you would pay thousands and thousands of dollars to see them performing live. Anyway, if you haven't seen it or may not be interested in the whole documentary, at least watch the last hour and a half of the third episode, it made my day.

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