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Default Can't get enough

Well, forgive me but I'm just going to have to jump back in here and rant and rave some more about the impact this product has had on my primary system. I really had to force myself to quit last night, well past my bedtime. If I weren't hearing it for myself, I wouldn't have believed it. In nearly every case, the moment I start a new track on either CD or vinyl, from the very first note or instrumental sound I can hear an improvement in the timbre and character of the instrument, sound, or voice. Last night, I pulled out my CD of Dido: Life for Rent, which I hadn't played in a while. I was absolutely astonished by the realism, depth, spaciousness and overall quality of the presentation. I really don't even think we can call this a "tweak". It is, for me, a quantum leap in performance. This, when my system was already sounding very, very good. I believe this product can and will make any good stereo system much better. I almost feel like those of us sitting here using this product have an "unfair" advantage over those who are not. It makes things that much better. I'm also getting the sense that things are actually improved in my other systems by its installation-at least I believe so with my office system. ADD-Powr does state that the Wizard "changes the quality of the AC line from the entry point at the circuit breaker box of the home or commercial space". Perhaps this accounts for the apparent improvements in my other systems.

As I was listening last night to some CD's that I hadn't played perhaps in a little while-but not that long ago-I was attempting to account for any other factors that could explain why that particular CD could now be sounding that much better-and each time the only conclusion I could reach was: The Wizard.

I would add also another observation that a user mentioned in a review that I read. The increased emotion one experiences in the music is something you have to hear to understand. The reviewer described "an intense emotional connection". I believe this very much describes the experience, and it is hard to explain. The effect strains credibility...

I am very intrigued by how these products work, even though I don't fully understand it, not yet anyway. I'll be doing more reading up on it for sure, including (and maybe especially?) the Fourier transform concept that is discussed in another paper included with my device.

However it actually works, I can tell you it works well. Very, very well.

Okay, that's enough ranting and raving....for now.

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