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Originally Posted by bds View Post
Hello FlexibleAudio,

I had the C3.1 but no thanks! (used with the Pass class A) and for my taste is a total NO GOOD MATCH!

Raidho with the D "serie" is sure better vs C serie but overpriced. in place of Raidho I buy Dynaudio or a ceramic/Diamont tweeter from Tidal!

of course this is my taste,
Raidho's can have an emphasized mid bass, but with careful placement and matching speaker cables, they can be fantastic. (the tweeters are among the best imho)

I have the smallest Raidho's in my second set (X1), and everytime I listen to them I am amazed by them. (The amp is a Devialet 200)

I think that Raidho's can be a great match with Soulution gear, but as always, try before you buy.
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