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Default Controlling Tube Amps Remotely

Hi folks,
I apologize if this is a very basic question. I am just getting back into hifi audio after not really buying anything for about 20 years. My new set up includes a Dennis Had Inspire 6L6 amp and a Dared -- Chinese manufacturer -- tube preamp. The Dared originally came with a remote for volume. But neither came with a remote for power. The main issue is that the Dared, while sounding very nice, is poorly designed so that the on/off switch is on the back. I'd like to leave the switch on the amp always on.

I use a Carver tuner that has remote controlling its power and a switched plug in the back that is switched with the Carver unit. I'd like to plug a strip into the Carver and then plug the two tube amps into that strip.

Thanks in advance. Steve
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