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BUMP, I brought home the persona 7f a few weeks ago. You know how when you get it right, or hear a system that nails it? you just want to tell everybody, yea.I would visit the dealer and listen to them with different components and the differences could be dramatic!I've had pre/amps make incremental differences in speakers before, but we're talking multiple personality disorder here. going from the anthem str int to a pathos int half the power and a tube pre changed the sound as much as swapping speakers from clinical and detailed to organic and natural...nails it.
I'm using my hegel h360 and the sound is a little cool, excellent bass, detail and imaging, but closer to the anthem sound than the pathos. Still tho', this system pulls me in and doesn't need to be cranked to be enjoyed, Red hot chili peppers at 104 db is great fun it's not necessary to hear the full measure of the music and I really like that. My baserment listening room is 17x27x7'
Meridian dsp8000se, roon nucleus, 218 zone controller. KEF Blade and hegel h360.
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