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Originally Posted by nabcs View Post
In the last four years, I have searched obsessively for speakers that were compatible with my room.

I tried Rockport Avior, excellent speakers, but the bass in my living room had many problems. Later I tried the Marten Coltrane and although the bass was more controlled, I always found the sound without weight and the midrange although natural was a little thin.

Never thought about Paradigm really, but one day, on a visit to my dealer, there was a Persona 5F playing with Accuphase amplifiers and the sound was quite natural and dynamic.

I asked if the speakers would marry well with my SET tube amp (Triode TRX-M845), and the answer was positive. But my dealer encouraged me to try the Persona 9H, as I could fine-tune the bass with the built-in DSP.

And in March 2018, the Persona 9H arrived at my home.

Without running the DSP software, the bass was a mess in my room...but the midrange was simply fantastic. The treble a little hot, but the speakers need burn-in and my speaker cables in that time was on the cool side of neutral.

After weeks of tuning the bass, speaker position and change of cables the sound was already to my liking, and I could already say with confidence that this was the best sound I had ever had in my listening room.

But magic happened in the last weeks...probably the Personas ended their burning time...I donīt know, but the sound now is superb...and musical!

Fantastic bass, controlled but rounded and natural, midrange to die for and a smooth treble without fatigue!...Iīm having listening sessions of 4h or more!

And the soundstage is holographic, and the singers seem to be in my room.

My prejudice against Paradigm would let this speakers pass by, but luckily I just listened to them, and although I had doubts in the beginning, I had the good sense to try them at home. Today I am very happy, and want communicate this experience to those who have doubts in the Persona line of speakers... please try at home, if possible with a tube amp.

Nuno Sousa
Have to admit that the 9H have caught my attention...wondering what size room you have/had them in? Many thanks!
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