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Apexorca 05-23-2020 05:01 AM

Marten Parker! Premiere.
München High-End 2020 were to be the Premiere for Martens new Parker series,
Duo, Trios and Quintet.
The Corona pandemic made these plans impossible.
But Marten had a small party for some people. Only perfectly healthy individuals with social distance gathered at the headquarter to drink Champagne, listen and look at the new speakers.

I was invited to take some pictures.

Leif wanted to develop an new series more affordable but with the same high quality sound from the Martens more expensive speakers. I think the signature of Martens speaker is very high resolutionen and at the same time a warm dynamic sound. This has been better and better over the years as Leif developed new speakers in high speed. The technique has been expensive. Extreme materials and so on.
The Parker series is made with not that expensive materials but is reaching the level of Martens all splendid characteristics. Though you can get all speakers with Jorma internal cables and Diamond tweeter. Then its called Duo-, Trio-, Quintet-Diamond Edition.
I listened mostly to Quintet Diamond in Martens very big room. It certenly could fill this room with pure musik power. No doubt. I was very impressed. Ceramic midrange and Ceramic woofers and the back had four slave base woofers. This is not a big speaker but played like one. It was a agile speaker. Air, power and very clean. The speaker disappeared in the soundstage more than most speakers.
This must be one of the best contender in it's class.

Duo is two-way speaker and Trio and Quintet are two and a half-way speakers.


Apexorca 05-23-2020 05:12 AM

More pics...

JemHadar 05-23-2020 06:05 AM

Thx for sharing

Nikko 05-23-2020 07:35 AM

Prices for new Parker series?

PierreB 05-23-2020 08:35 AM

Looking good.
Nice photos by the way.

Apexorca 05-23-2020 02:57 PM


Originally Posted by PierreB (Post 1005454)
Nice photos by the way.

Tank you! :cheers2:

Apexorca 05-23-2020 04:52 PM


Originally Posted by Nikko (Post 1005452)
Prices for new Parker series?

I don't know in USD.
In Sweden, Duo is just below 100.000 SEK and Quintet just below 400.000 SEK.
This is the basic version. Diamond Edition is more. I don't know how much. But I'll guess almost 100.000 SEK more. Diamond tweeters and Jorma internal cabling are expensive.

audioguy3107 05-23-2020 04:55 PM

Those are nice looking speakers....I still have yet to hear Martens in a properly set up room but I bet they sound fantastic.

- Buck

Apexorca 05-26-2020 04:46 PM


Originally Posted by audioguy3107 (Post 1005492)
Those are nice looking speakers....I still have yet to hear Martens in a properly set up room but I bet they sound fantastic.

- Buck

I'ts always hard to really describe how a speaker sound and even more how a speaker reproduce the essence of the music.
Imagine a big a speaker map in front of you. There is a speaker in one corner of the map that gets all the sound from the recording reproduced into your ears in a technical way. No love, more lika a specification. You can hear it all but gets no emotion from it.
On the other side of this utopian speaker map there is a speaker that sounds likable, you really get the body to move with the music, but with absence of characteristics in the instruments and details.
In real life most god speaker brands are situated around the middle, but some will lean more to the technical and not emotional side and others more to the emotional side with technical reproduction flaws. What you choose for you is personal. As long it makes you happy about the sound it's perfekt.

I'v been thinking about this kind of imaginary map for years. I'll put up every speaker and system i hear in it. It makes me remember them better. The map is for sure subjective. Especially where the sweet spot of the map is.

I enjoy musik reproduced by a speaker a bit more to the emotional side of the map, but I can be impressed and enjoy many of the speakers from many places of the map.

Finally to your wishes about hearing a good Marten system... I'll try to give you a hint of what you maybe can hear.
I think Marten Parker Quintet is right in the middle of my imaginary speaker map.
It is combining a excellent technical presentation with the essence and emotion in the music. It's involving you into the music without having to analyze it. You just listen and get carried away to the core of music.

This is why I think Marten is good speaker brand and competing up there against the best. The sound quality is great. It's more about personal taste and Marten Parker is to me very likable.

bart 05-26-2020 05:06 PM

Great pics!
Marten speakers always look the part.

You guys over there in Sweden seem to do very well. :thumbsup:

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