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Fbgbill 06-02-2021 10:43 PM

Easy Listening Jazz
As I have gotten back into vinyl, I have been buying various jazz albums. What I really prefer though are what would be soft jazz or maybe easy listening if that makes sense. Some of the ones I have acquired are really intense I guess the word would be. While that is ok some of the time I prefer the more sedate. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Masterlu 06-02-2021 11:31 PM

Check out anything by Beegie Adair.

Puma Cat 06-02-2021 11:52 PM

I don't know if you're requirements are specifically for content on vinyl, but I have a couple of suggestions; these are on digital. Don't know if they are on vinyl.

Guitarist Antonio Forcione. Perhaps start with his Touch Wood album. All his albums are very well recorded and mastered.

Melody Gardot: My One and Only Thrill

Shelby Lynne: Just a Little Lovin' This is an SACD, IIRC.

John49 06-03-2021 02:11 AM

[emoji106] Antonio Forcione

Andik777 06-03-2021 09:42 AM





Good listening!!

Fbgbill 06-03-2021 05:26 PM

Thanks for all of your responses so far. I have ordered one album so far. Will keep looking for others.

80B 06-04-2021 10:20 PM

If you are referring to what is sometimes called "straight up" jazz, you might consider:
Ray Brown Trio
The New York Jazz Quartet
Harold Betters
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto
Some of the earlier work by Miles Davis and John Coltrane
Oscar Peterson
Red Garland

These are all artists who flourished largely between the 50s and 70s, and I've come across these artists in a variety of ways, from hearing them on vinyl as a kid on my dad's hifi to being gobsmacked hearing "Soul Junction" on the radio by Red Garland as an adult, and even more so that I wasn't familiar with his work.

Some of this music is easy to find on vinyl, a couple might require looking more intensely and seeking used vinyl.

Some suggestions above I will definitely look into - thanks for posting Fbgbill, and you guys who responded.

JMT350Z 06-05-2021 06:05 PM

I'll throw in some suggestions:

Joe Pass - guitar
Vince Guaraldi - piano
Lee Ritenour - guitar
Toshiko Akiyoshi - piano
Clark Terry - trumpet/flugelhorn
Charles Earland - Hammond B3 organ

joel_hifi 06-07-2021 12:42 PM

Bill, some excellent suggestions in the above responses.

As a general rule I would advise looking into the more relaxed albums/ballads of prominent jazzmen.

And later work you way into their more "challenging" ones if you feel like it.

Here are some suggestions... hope you'll enjoy them :music:

Fbgbill 06-07-2021 01:50 PM

Thanks Joel hifi

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