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Rick721 09-28-2020 01:01 AM

Long-Term Review on the Devore Fidelity 0/93
Great review on these 0/93's !

keef 09-28-2020 09:20 AM

Thanks for the link. Love those speakers both sonically and aesthetically.

Rick721 09-29-2020 03:55 PM

I think Simaudio Moon gear sounds best with these O/93's and O/96's !

I think they more musically engaging with Simaudio gear !

Great Match !

Formerly YB-2 10-10-2020 08:24 PM

Have auditioned a couple of times with the 30wpc Luxman Class-A integrated amp, which was a great match.

longbowbbs 12-23-2020 08:09 PM

I have a pair of O/93's coming in next week. I will pair them with a Luxman MQ-88uC amp and the CL-38uC Preamp. I do expect great results.

Formerly YB-2 12-23-2020 08:16 PM

Congrats. :thumbsup:
Am guessing that will be a terrific combination.
Will they be replacing your Treo CTs?

Weirdcuba 12-23-2020 10:09 PM

John DeVore also has a great YouTube channel. He doesn’t hawk his products on there and talks about music, art, etc. - very interesting.

ghasley 08-17-2021 10:05 AM

Longbowbbs, do you have an update with the Luxman Devore setup? The Orangutan’s certainly play well with alot of gear.

longbowbbs 08-21-2021 08:14 PM

The O/93's are brilliant with the Luxman gear. The CL-38uC and MQ-88uC sound beautiful. It is a fun switch from the big iron PS Audio/Vandy Quatro system. Anyone considering the PS/Vandy combo should go for it. It was just time to change things up.

Rick721 11-17-2021 05:00 PM

Reviewer Herb Reichert uses O/93's as his Reference speakers ! :thumbsup:

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