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Charles 10-08-2020 01:06 PM

Few Pics of my Lifelong Project
Here are a few pics of my lifelong Project. I am not at liberty to disclose very much about its exact nature because I don't own it anymore and even if I did I wouldn't because the initial phase is still not quite yet complete. I hope you can grasp the enormity of its size by these pics. As I have told you I agree with PHC1 (Joe) who I believe is a really good guy. I would love to meet him. Joe is highly intelligent, a layperson, and someone who has latched onto the fact that ET is actually present among us. Now he doesn't have it quite right because I have told you a few basic things: The paradigm of random chance (PRC) is a house of cards. We did not arrive on planet earth by an accident. I am not an accident. Joe is not an accident. You who read this are not accidents either. Next, Life is based on a very elegant code, the DNA code. It is not degenerate as biochemists lead you to believe. It is highly redundant and without this redundancy, life could not exist. By its very nature, a code cannot exist without an intelligence conceiving of it. A code is defined as a systematic standardized use of a given set of symbols used to represent information. Next, human mathematics is inadequate to explain the Universe. Theoretical physics may not be confused (I majored in math and I personally think it is very confused) but its math will never be able to remotely explain the physical phenomena of the Universe. There exists a different technology, a superior math, an altogether new physics, out there, and possessed by ET that the theoretical physics community is looking for. Why? Because it's where the POWER is. They desire it. Human technology, science, and medicine are weak and totally inadequate. We live 80 years and we are gone. They (ET) live for uncounted centuries and can travel anywhere in the Universe and in other dimensions. Yes! PhC1 even though a layperson has latched on to some TRUTH.

I have to go but I at least want to orient you. These pics are pics of the Yard around the Palace of ET.

Looking East

Second and third pics show the river flowing under the outer wall. The distance between the center of the road and the channel is exactly 43.75'.

Fourth and fifth pics show the outer door. There is a flaw in the door. The height of the door is 8.75' and the door is a square of 8.75'x8.75'. The gateposts are rectangles of 10.5"x10.5"x8.75'. The gate is a cube of 10.5'. The structure is geometrically perfect but it was constructed by a computer graphics firm. All main doors are square. The artist is fantastic but makes these type of mistakes. Soon I will post the corrected pic.
Looking West. Notice the steps. The Palace is behind this wall. The Yard is between this wall and the wall shown in the pics above. The Yard surrounds the Palace East/West/North/South. The Palace has 1,578 bedrooms, 77 guest rooms, 6 kitchens, 300 seat cafeteria, in addition ample dining areas for everyone, a 90 room library, and galleries that that can accommodate 1,560 people. It has an enormous butchery providing fresh meat everyday. It is the personal residence of ET. My question for Joe, (I hope he notices this thread), is: what planet is this on? Not including the Yard, the total square footage is about 900,000 square feet. We have all dimensions to the nano foot. It is a geometrically perfect physical object being composed of nothing but squares, rectangles, cubes, and 3-dimensional rectangles. All numbers are perfect. For example the road is exactly width 10.5'. The height of the wall is 10.5' and so on.

These next two pics simply show the enormous Yard surrounding the Palace. As I mentioned this structure exists but does not exist on planet earth. That's why I said Serge (glad to know his name) is on to something. That's why I can tell you that theoretical physics and their paradigm of random chance (PRC) is a house of cards. There already exists a technology that the scientific intelligentsia is searching for. Their equations and measurements cannot create or produce or understand this technology. This really should be obvious to any thinking individual.

As you can see, the Yard has a beautiful river running through it flowing east. ET likes water.

PHC1 10-08-2020 05:37 PM

Charles, in this dimension and on this planet I go by the name of PHC1 (Serge) not Joe. :D But thank you for the compliment and likewise!

That is a very impressive computer generated image garden. Can you elaborate? :scratch2:

audioguy3107 10-08-2020 07:13 PM

The “palace of ET”? :dazed:

Waboman 10-08-2020 10:39 PM


Charles 10-09-2020 06:40 AM


Originally Posted by PHC1 (Post 1016827)
Charles, in this dimension and on this planet I go by the name of PHC1 (Serge) not Joe. :D But thank you for the compliment and likewise!

That is a very impressive computer generated image garden. Can you elaborate? :scratch2:

Serge, I'm glad I caught your attention. I'm going in for my big test this am and will meet with the doctor soon afterwards. I'm hopeful surgery can be avoided for a long time. We will see.

This is in Maya which is the best and most expensive of its kind. It is so massive that it is requiring several computers to hold the structure. I think you will truly enjoy seeing glimpses of it. I can't show you the thing in toto because I don't own it or control it anymore and it's not quite finished.

But I can assure you that it does exist yet not on our planet. I hope you were not kidding when you expressed a belief in extraterrestrials. ET exist and this geometrically perfect structure in which every dimension is known down to the nano foot is the proof.:yes:



p.s. continue to look at these pics. I will post the corrected pic and continue to embellish. As the Project finally finds up the first stage I will inevitably come into possession of more finished frames and as I can post them with comments.

Charles 10-09-2020 06:46 AM


Originally Posted by Waboman (Post 1016866)

Waboman, if you are looking for a quick explanation I cannot provide you with one. You will have to stay tuned. I have been working on this for close to 15 years. I can't disclose how I know all this but the proof is in the pudding and I have the pudding in spades as I will demonstrate in the upcoming days/months/years.:yes:



Charles 10-09-2020 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by audioguy3107 (Post 1016847)
The “palace of ET”? :dazed:

Yes, precisely the Palace of ET. And you will get to see a large portion of it but not the whole structure because it is not mine any longer. I did not and do not have the money or resources to complete such an enormous enterprise so I had to give my work and my knowledge away. The pics I post I receive to check for accuracy and I will be able to request a few on my own since without my knowledge the existence of this structure would have remained hidden.:yes:



JMAC 10-09-2020 05:51 PM



PHC1 10-09-2020 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Charles (Post 1016880)

I hope you were not kidding when you expressed a belief in extraterrestrials. .

I would have thought that the sheer amount of threads I posted on AA over the years, on this very topic, would leave little doubt as to what I believe in. :smoking:

I saw them with my own eyes. More than once... I don’t need to be convinced. Wish I didn’t, I would not have spent so much time on the topic over the course of my life.

audioguy3107 10-09-2020 08:34 PM

So I’m a bit confused......the “palace of ET” is......what exactly? Disneyworld for visitors from Alpha Centauri? A resort for ETs passing through the Milky Way? I don’t know what we’re looking at here other than a nice resort that could be found in the South Pacific.

- Buck

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