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Masterlu 05-29-2021 05:57 PM

Hubbman... Welcome to AA! :wave:

bart 05-29-2021 06:10 PM


Originally Posted by Hubbman (Post 1039109)
Quick question about Focal speaker matching.

I have a pair of Focal Kanta No1ís and Iím thinking about adding a Sopra Center Channel to the mix in place of the Aria center I have now.
The question is, will the Sopra center meld well with the timber of the Kanta No1ís? I found a very good deal on the Sopra, which is why Iím contemplating this change.

Iím also thinking ahead as I will probably upgrade the L/R speakers to Sopraís in the next year or so..

Welcome to AA Hubbman!

I've heard both lines, and I like them.
They are comparable in sound signature, with the Sopras logically being better.
If you plan to upgrade anyway, and you can save now on the centre, it's a wise move imo.

Hubbman 06-01-2021 02:03 AM

Cool, thanks for the reply!

Iíll probably pull the trigger this week...

Hubbman 06-04-2021 12:28 PM

New Question, but related to Sopra/Kanta
Potentially moving up to the Sopra line from the Kanta No1s that I have now.
The question is, can I move from the Kanta 1 to the Sopra 1 and realize a better midrange sound, or would this move me a more lateral move without much to gain?

I currently pair the Kantas with 3 JL Audio E110 subs because this room does double duties for both 2ch and home theater. I would do the same with the Sopras.
I really like the idea of staying with a smaller bookshelf design for this room, which is why Iím attempting to avoid another set of floor standing speakers like the Kanta 2 or Sopra 2. My room is just under 300sqft with 8í ceiling.

Would love to hear from others who use the Sopra 1 or went from the Kanta 1 to another Focal speaker, and why.

Thank you!

Hubbman 06-16-2021 01:18 PM

Sopra No1 vs Utopia Diablo iii
Okay, so new development here. Came accross a pair of Diablo iii that are very near the cost of the Sopra 1's.

Wondering if the new tech in the Sopra is a smarter move, or are the Diablos on a whole different level as the price my indicate?
I like both speaker designs, and I like the idea of having the Utopia line... but I just wonder if the trickle down, plus new technology development means a better Sopra speaker. BTW, I would be ourchasing either speaker on the used market..

I would welcome and perspective from those who have experienced both.

Thank you!

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