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For The Love of Music 09-29-2019 08:49 PM

Electrical Interference Solution
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Is electrical interference a controversial subject?

In my case, no it actually makes sense to me on many levels. I am not an electrical engineer, scientist or the like, but I do like the hobby of learning and squeezing out more performance. I am from the mindset there is a lot of good gear out there, and it’s performance can be accelerated by focusing on the areas of power, room and isolation, versus the self-reasoning that better sound has to come from different equipment which opens up the door of, “is it better, or is it different”.

This game of noise is all about clean, quiet power drawn into our gear in order for high fidelity to sing its tune to draw you deeper into your favorite music.

Interestingly enough at the recent RMAF, I came across Bill Stierhout, and his company Coherence Systems, and its brand, ADD-Powr that signifies algorithm digital defined power.

As he was speaking about his new line of products, I mentioned that his theory and application sounded very similar to the Nordost QRT line, he told me it does because he was the founder of Quantum Products, the same company that incorporated its engineering prowess into the audio cable company, Nordost. While there is little to no doubt at RMAF 2019 all the top rooms had one common denominator, Nordost; using its cables and the QRT line. While I’m passionate about Nordost, it’s stupid expensive for most Audiophiles, well past diminishing returns, but I couldn’t help myself, drank the Kool Aid purchasing much of its Reference and QRT products, in my case it does perform, and very well, but anyway…

Bill agreed to send me a Symphony Pro, an ElectraClear and a guarantee his devices will work or I could send it back, no questions asked. You can certainly go higher up the food chain within his line, but I thought these two pieces would be good place to start as I wanted to be sure on what these items were capable of. Sorry, pictures are not the best:

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First, there is no audio jewelry here, these are simply constructed units packed with benefits to improve the sound using frequency generators, harmonics and microprocessors that manage algorithms. Electra Clear is a simple plug in device that actually adds harmonics (pulsed/clocked signals) to the audio signal, a tone control through the power line if you will. There is no filter or conditioner, the byproduct of this process is that it also contributes to mitigating EMI and RF signals.

Symphony Pro is a small box that can be placed just about anywhere and is fed with AC power and houses inductor coils connected in series to a frequency generator controlled by a microprocessor performing algorithms that essentially pulses low frequency harmonic content onto the line, similar but slightly different to Electra Clear. The AC line becomes re-referenced / re-biased with low frequency harmonics. The inductor coils act as antennas to emit and broadcast a low frequency electrical field. The signal is also coupled to*a 12’ plug in antenna wire. The driving low frequency wave and its Fourier harmonics resonate with the audio signals within proximity (~30' diameter) of its location. This means that tonal energy will be imparted to whatever audio signals are encompassed by this field.

Bill said it will bring .5 to 1.O dB or more of energy into the system - he was right; by flicking Symphony Pros small toggle power switch on and off and waiting a few seconds, it was very clear to hear the volume change, its literally controlling the noise making the music more audible, lively and toe tapping enjoyable. While volume was gained from removing noise and interference, it also brought about a sense of realism with a more natural sense of timbre, a lower noise floor, and a double black back round. The music just played so much better, no matter what I played. One of my favorites is Stairway to Heaven by Rodrigo and Gabriela; the resonance and decay of the acoustic strings and blending of the chords never sounded better. When I play Flight of the Cosmic Hippo by Bela Fleck a great song to test your low end has more authority and control and the symbols more in line on how they should sound live and the Symphony and Electra complimented the Beatles 50th anniversary release of Abbey Road making it simply sound amazing, especially the studio cuts; the band is center imaged, the music has a slight amount more of punch, liveliness with the Fab Four’s voices having very clear imaging and darkness, my music room appears to be the new Abbey Studios right in front of me.

While not inexpensive, but well worth the price of admission in comparison to all I have done, it’s a no brainer. The Symphony Pro lists for $750.00, and the Electra for $75.00 with options of moving up the line in performance, coverage and cost.

Last, I believe in power cables, and Bill holds this opinion as well and said it wouldn’t hurt but stopped there. While not mandatory, I couldn’t help myself after all the recent talk of Shunyata’s new lines and ordered the economical Venom 14, C5 cable, and after a few hours of listening, it’s not coming out.

Bill no doubt understands power and I believe his efforts with ADD-Powr have paid off—at least in terms of the product itself. How audiophiles will react is something I can't predict but I think many will react as I did and come to see these are an indispensable addition to their hi-fi systems. It has certainly change how I now listen to my system and they are not going back. If it makes sense, then give it a try, you have nothing to lose and add some cumulative points to your sound.

alkizz 10-02-2019 10:20 AM

Interesting! Thank you for the write up. I'm fascinated by electrical stuff in regards to audio.

For The Love of Music 10-03-2019 08:05 AM


Originally Posted by alkizz (Post 981279)
Interesting! Thank you for the write up. I'm fascinated by electrical stuff in regards to audio.

Your welcome! I’m equally fascinated as well as it does make a difference [emoji851]

For The Love of Music 11-19-2019 07:30 PM

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I have been using Coherent Products since RMAF 2019, where I met the owner, learned about his development experience, and how he incorporated most of his products into Nordost as the QRT line.

Bill has left Nordost after many successful products and now is back designing kick ass products that providing sonic and visual benefits taking no prisoners. You get great sound, for value if that’s not an oxymoron in audio!

I just received and installed the Wizard, a somewhat compact at 12” W 8” D and 2” H, so finding a place for it on the shelf was easy.

The Wizard is encased in an aluminum chassis, with an engraved front panel with its name, it only has an IEC cable for power, and I used the Nordost Blue Heaven from their entry series, all your other components plug into their current locations.

Attachment 60472Attachment 60471

I incorporate multiples of ADD-POWR’s Ever Clear (3) and Symphony Pro (2) split between my Reference System as well as in my mechanical room that houses the modem, switches and CAT5 wiring hub that runs throughout the home except the audio room where direct connection is made between the AQVox SE switch and the Gigafoil.

Gains throughout the home were not subtle, bringing sonic and visual improvements, all without doing any harm, and cost effective in comparison to other things I have done chasing the dragon reaching top shelf performance.

The Wizard was placed into the open receptacle feeding distribution to the reference system and is working with Symphony Pro and Electra Clear with strong positive results - the more you add will be cumulative contributing more goodness to the overall sound!

From the Aurender N10, I cued up Patrica Barbers new album, Higher (purchased direct from her site), and it actually does take you higher without needing Washington’s own Sour Diesel. She records very well, and now with Wizard added to the reference grouping it is crazy good listening to the undertone ring of the piano keys play with more openess allowing the sustain of the keys to decay naturally into the sunset and the noise floor resides in basement levels that just bring out this album to its fullest. And while that’s all really good, you then benefit by a considerable gain in volume, in my system what before was at 35% now easily sits at 25% - this is huge and shows how much noise is in these lines and systems even when you think your doing good.

Streaming through the N10 is very close to music stored on the Aurender server, I mean good luck hearing the difference in my system. The Patricia Barber description above is equal in sound quality and volume levels using other tracks, but their always can be the exception as recording quality is paramount - Wizard makes it that good.

The dynamic range is open and controlled. The low end does not smear over other sounds and is as tight as bed sheets in basic training. Noise and harshness, “the edge” what I like to refer to it as, is virtually dissipated, I say virtually as when I think there is no more improvement, it seems there always is.

As for the improvements in analog...

Let’s just say while the cartridge and tonearm cables are still breaking in, things here sound slightly more opened, better defined and playing at louder levels. I’m really liking this, so I played the UHQR of Axis Bold as Love, where 2 days ago it was evident the cartridge and cable needed some hours, today it was more richer, open, louder and only a couple of days have past with 2/3 hours of play time since the last session, the difference is clearly attributed to the Wizard!

No comparison between the remastered 2009 streaming version, against the UHQR version, it is clearly the leader checking every box, but I knew was to be the case going into it. I will compare against the new SACD version later.

Power is everything, it’s what we hear. There are all sorts of products out there that condition and regenerate which IMO mask the problems at the expense of sound quality or power restraint, but I guess in some circumstances it’s a solution and I’m told ADD-POWR does no harm when added to these scenarios where conditioners and the like are used.

Take away:

Aside from a treated room, having a neutral distribution, ideally one that is internally star grounded, (and consider optional passive grounding), plus good mechanical isolation and power cables builds a solid slab to erect a contributing foundation building on your sound - it can be perceived like its a lot, and it is but this is a hobby, and your playing for sound to enjoy - you will spend less addressing this rather than chasing components.

If your working towards getting the most from your sound, adding a product from the ADD POWR line will erect from your foundation helping you reach levels unknown that existed in your system, and that’s the best part. Most of you already have the pieces in play, so why not get more as intended by the OEM.

These are my opinions, and my experience may be different than yours due to how you addressed power, grounding, isolation, cables, components, speakers and heck the room itself, but after all that disclaimer, I trust you still will be ahead, and by a decent clip!

If your up in the Northwest, come by and hear for yourself.

Stay Tuned, and Enjoy Your Sound [emoji1733]

Masterlu 11-19-2019 07:56 PM

Ed... thanks for your thread; I just reached out to Coherence Systems, to become a Dealer.

For The Love of Music 11-19-2019 08:22 PM

Electrical Interference Solution

Originally Posted by Masterlu (Post 986158)
Ed... thanks for your thread; I just reached out to Coherence Systems, to become a Dealer.

I was waiting to speak to you about this, perfect!

If you don’t agree what the devices do, I quit!

Masterlu 11-20-2019 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by For The Love of Music (Post 986161)
I was waiting to speak to you about this, perfect!

If you don’t agree what the devices do, I quit!

I connected with Bill today, and have a Wizard heading my way. :yes:

For The Love of Music 11-20-2019 09:58 PM


Originally Posted by Masterlu (Post 986221)
I connected with Bill today, and have a Wizard heading my way. :yes:

So I hear, I’m excited to hear your feedback.

Symphony, Symphony Pro and Wizard work independent or cumulatively - all make a difference!

Until we hear back, best!

Masterlu 11-26-2019 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by For The Love of Music (Post 986233)
So I hear, I’m excited to hear your feedback.

Symphony, Symphony Pro and Wizard work independent or cumulatively - all make a difference!

Until we hear back, best!

My Wizard will be here early next week. :thumbsup:

oddeophile 11-26-2019 12:05 PM

Ivan curious if there are any issues/interference concerns with the Denali etc when you try it.

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